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If you own or operate a dairy farm or keep livestock somewhere in the area and you have been struggling with the problem of your cows slipping and hurting themselves on slick concrete, then you need to do something about it. You can’t afford to lose any bovines to injury or lameness, so what can you do? Well, one thing that farmers have been doing to reduce costly slips and falls is getting in touch with Davidson Cement Grooving Inc. and acquiring our concrete texturing services.

Smooth concrete floors are a killer for dairy farmers. In the event that your farm hasn’t already made the switch to textured concrete floors, you need to call (989) 635-7553 to speak to one of our trained and dedicated concrete professionals as soon as possible. In a dairy barn, floor surfaces must have a finish with enough texture to provide traction for your cows as they walk. But they also need to be smooth enough so that you can clean them properly. It is a difficult balance to strike between traction and the ease in which it can be cleaned, which is why contacting our team of textured concrete professionals is the best thing for your cows and your dairy farm.

Thanks to our years of experience creating texturing the floors for all sorts of farms in the area, the Davidson Cement Grooving Inc. team has perfected the balance, so give us a call today for the highest quality texturing services in the area.

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Textured Surfaces for Dairy Farms

As we have already mentioned above, texturing a dairy farm’s concrete floors is extremely difficult. Not only do they have to be smooth enough that you can clean them with ease, they can’t be too smooth or else your animals won’t have any traction and risk injuring themselves when the surface gets slick. Plus, concrete that has too much of a texture can pose a problem because it could potentially accelerate the wear of your animal’s hooves.

Thanks to our team’s extensive experience creating textured surfaces for dairy farms, we know the fine line between a concrete floor that is too rough and causes injury from abrasion and one that is too smooth and causes injury from inadequate footing. We excel at finding the perfect middle ground so that your animals can move around comfortably and safely.

We can employ a number of different techniques to texture your concrete. We can either install a freshly placed piece of textured concrete or cut into the existing concrete floor with a floor-texturing machine. Every farm is different, which is why we like to keep an open mind so that we can find the perfect texture for the way you and your animals do things.

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