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Cutting concrete is not an easy task without the proper training, experience and equipment necessary to get the job done. That’s why so many residents of the area rely on Davidson Cement Grooving Inc. when they need concrete saw cutting services. Our team of dedicated concrete professionals can cut practically any piece of concrete you need cut with our state-of-the-art equipment. All you have to do is pick up the phone, call (989) 635-7553 and let us know what you need cut. From there, we’ll provide you with a complimentary quote for our concrete saw cutting services.

When one of Davidson Cement Grooving Inc.’s concrete saw operators arrives on-site, you are guaranteed to see you have just gained a trusted partner who will provide invaluable experience thanks to an unparalleled dedication to be the best concrete experts in the area.

No job is too big or too small for our concrete cutting experts. Just give us a call and tell us about the concrete you need cut and we will be happy to figure out the best way we can assist you.

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How We Cut Concrete

Concrete is an aggregate of cement, crushed rocks, stones and sand. The cement is usually made of limestone and other minerals, which serve as a binding agent when mixed with water. The end result is one of the most durable building materials known to man. Concrete, when correctly mixed, can withstand tons of force and anything the elements throw at it. Its durability is why it is so frequently used in all sorts of different construction projects, but on the flip side, it makes cutting concrete a very specialized task. Namely, concrete cutting is reserved for companies like ours that have concrete saws equipped with diamond blades.

Diamond blades have been around since the 1930s. Though they originally used real diamonds, modern concrete saws with diamond blades are synthetic, specially engineered to cut specific aggregates within the concrete safely and effectively.

Though everyone calls refers to it as cutting, the process itself actually involves grinding away the concrete. The diamonds set into concrete saw blades create an abrasive surface, which is what wears down the concrete at a very high speed.

By and large, our concrete saw cutting is used on dairy farms in the area. Concrete floors can be dangerous to livestock if they haven’t been grooved or textured. So, by cutting patterns into the concrete to ease the abrasion on their hooves while providing the traction they need to prevent themselves from slipping on slick concrete and injuring themselves. This is extremely detail-oriented work and requires a ton of precision and patience. We have the utmost faith that our team’s precision and patience with concrete saw cutting can be applied to any purpose.

So, whatever your reasons for needing concrete cut, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to figure out how we can best help you.

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